In the heart of Texas, Bumble + Brim Hat Co. was created and founded by Holli Royall. Originally from the Dallas Fort Worth area, she grew up with a love for art and design and started Bumble and Brim Hat Co. In 2020.  


Holli has a keen eye for fashion and accessories. Hailing from Dallas, she knows exactly what the fashion savvy are looking for. She decided to venture out on this journey after she was approached numerous times about her personal hat collection. This truly inspired her to create something of her own. Her vision stems from her upbringing in Texas, where hat culture is a staple. Holli brings passion and a bright aesthetic to all of her designs. Pattern and color are her forte and the foundation on which she designs her products. It is her passion to continue to create timeless pieces that are designed for all to wear. She hopes her customers will appreciate her hats as wearable pieces of art that reflects the beauty of where they are handcrafted.  At Bumble and Brim, you will find a quality piece, influenced and authenticated by local culture and classic southern style.